Orangeburg Christian Academy - Orangeburg Christian Academy, Inc.
Our school philosophy is the direction of the process of human development towards God’s objective for man: godliness of character and action. Orangeburg Christian Academy, Inc. will strive to educate the whole child, spiritually, academically and physically with a comprehensive program of Christ-centered Bible teaching, scriptural based curricula in all academic disciplines, and instruction in health and physical education for life long service to God. OCA will attempt to supplement and not supplant the home (which is God’s ‘anointed’ institution for all education) and the local Bible-believing church, working with these two to prepare children for whatever sphere of service the Lord would have that child to enter upon graduation: college, vocational/trade training, Bible school, the world of work, the family or vocational Christian service. Although the primary emphasis is to provide an educational opportunity for Christian students, enrollment is not limited to Christian students. Faculty and staff selection is based upon the criteria consistent with promoting the purpose and goals of the academy.
Educational Goals
I           Spiritual: to present the Gospel in such a way that each child may independetly give his/her life to Jesus Christ, and have a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; to teach the Bible as God’s inspired, inerrant word and to teach the essential doctrines of the historic Christian faith. To encourage and develop a desire to know and do the will of God: and finally, to bring the student to experience a life in Christ that brings lasting service, satisfaction, and enjoyment of all that eternal truth has to offer.
II         Academic: to help the student discover and develop his/her God-given intellectual abilities, promote high academic standards and help the student gain a thorough comprehension and command of the fundamental processes used in communicating with others: to teach and encourage the formation of good citizenship through developing an understanding and appreciation of our Christian and American heritage of freedom and human dignity: to impart knowledge of the world and current affairs in all fields and relate them to God’s plan for mankind.
III        Personal/Social: to develop, within each student, a balanced personality based on proper understanding and acceptance of him/herself as God made him/her and on the full development of his/her capabilities in Christ: to foster self-discipline in the student based upon respect for and reverence toward God and all authority: to foster wholesome personal relationships through development of social skills based on the Christian concept of love: to show a realistic and Biblical view of life and work and provide skills for future endeavors in college and occupation: to promote good citizenship through developing an understanding and appreciation of our American heritage and freedom: to promote within each student a “servant’s heart.”
IV        Physical/Athletic: to promote fitness, maintenance and respect for the body as the “temple of the Holy Spirit,” to develop skillful use of the body in coordination, grace and poise, and to foster and develop desirable habits in the care of the body; to develop a lifelong view of good physical fitness; to promote moral purity in sexual abstinence before marriage; to promote abstinence from harmful substances such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco. The physical education and athletic department of OCA should only enhance the other areas of education and be part of a balanced whole program. A good sports program that is properly managed and controlled can be a very useful tool teaching the goals that have been set insofar as building character, teaching respect for authority, and learning how to work within a group setting as a team.
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